Absolutely love coming to Jen.  She’s amazing to turn to when you’re feeling a little stuck in life and need that little reassurance that the path you are on is the right one or even when you feel like you need a little change.  Her home is so welcoming and gives a cozy feeling that allows you to relax while you’re choosing the stones that are screaming for your attention!  Jen truly makes you feel cleansed and refreshed when you leave her home.  I wear her bracelets daily and trust her products over a lot of other brands.  It’s all great quality and the customer service is so helpful. I definitely recommend giving zen jewelz a try – you will not be disappointed!!

Samantha – Wayne, NJ – February 2020

I started working with Jen back in 2016 and the rest is history.  From my very first experience with Jen, I knew I would be a customer for life.  Her gift in working with healing crystals joined with her creativity in designing pieces is uncanny.  She truly is in tune with each of her clients and is able to guide you as to what stones one would benefit the most from.  The stones are of high quality, some rare which results in the energy from these stones being like none other.  Simply fabulous.  Thank you for continuing to share your gift with us Jen!

Diane – Springfield, NJ – February 2020

Zen Jewelz has played an integral part in my emotional health – the quality of crystals and ZenJen’s personal love and attention is unparalleled.  I have been going to zen jewelz for years and could not imagine my life without her and or these amazing beautiful crystals!

Erin – Haworth, NJ – February 2020

Besides the fact that Jen and her crystals are truly amazing!! I was blessed to have an Angel Reading with her.  To sum it up in a 3 letter word “WOW!”  She was on point with my inner self.  She helped me bring clarity and understanding to this pivotal point in my life.  If there is anyone I would walk through fire with and not question it, Jen would be one of those people.  You can trust her wholeheartedly as she always has your best interest in your higher self, truth and you!  I am grateful for her being part of my life and journey!

Regla – Orlando, FL – January 2020

I was fortunate to receive an angel therapy session with Jen and she tapped into much needed guidance and advice.  It’s been a challenging fall and through crystals, cards and intuitive messages, Jen set me on a path of compassion and healing.  I now know my angel team is at the ready waiting for me to ask them for assistance.  She is a gifted messenger and I am grateful she now uses this gift to help others!

Nancy – Short Hills, NJ – December 2019 (ANGEL CARD READING)

The guidance and messages received was truly needed and made itself very clear and so spot on! A reoccurring theme and message came through. Heart Chakra. I had been obsessing over it. Only trying to heal, wear, research heart chakra stones to help heal.  Jen invites you to ask a question to gain clarity on, then choose a crystal you are drawn to. Unknowingly choose Heart Chakra again.She had me choose the cards…Heart Chakra. No Joke!  It was a wonderful way to allow me to acknowledge the space I put myself in and truly gained some clarity on how to direct my thoughts and energy. I am in a better headspace from this reading and allowing myself more grace.I highly recommend this reading from Jen. Unsure of what to expect, it was exactly what I needed to hear. Jen has been a huge catalyst in my healing and spiritual journey. I still remember my first zenjewelz experience over the phone 4 years ago and I am still blown away each time she connects me with crystal energy.

Jaime – San Marcos, CA – December 2019 (ANGEL CARD READING)

Hi Jen,
Thank you for the beautiful bracelets, my wife and I both love them very much…your words and healing ways had a profound effect on me.  I thank you so much for your kindness and prayers …it left an everlasting impression on me!

John – Highland Lakes, NJ – October 2019

I was just faced with, and went through a very difficult surgery…thankfully with the BEST possible outcome!  Every one of these bracelets helped me through this journey!  I am grateful to have ZenJen as my friend and I wear my crystals every day to give me the balance and energy I need.

Elissa – Montville, NJ – September 2019