I’m so glad I found you on Facebook, the bracelet I bought for abundance/protection is SO beautiful, excellent quality and came in a lovely pouch.  I can tell you put much love and dedication into your work.  I’ll be back for more for certain!  Thank you!

Joyce – Branford, CT – February 2019

Had my first experience with ZenJen!!!!  It was amazing and insightful.  Came home with 3 beautiful bracelets that I am in love with.  Thank you Jen!

Therese – Sussex, NJ – February 2019


Jen makes quality, beautiful pieces. She will work with you to create a customer made piece with numerous choices for stones. Shows passion and love for her work. Amazing work!

Eliana – NYC – February 2019

Jen and I met over the phone for a consultation and I expressed how much I would like to have children.  She recommended the fertility bracelet.  Through the process, I worked on myself by losing weight and thinking positive. Somehow the bracelet gave me balance and I decided to get another personalized bracelet that would be tailored to my body’s needs. I followed my instincts and with lots of prayers and with Jen’s help, I am finally pregnant with a baby girl. She is truly a blessing and I have been waiting for her all my life.  Getting pregnant at my age is a miracle in itself.  Thank you Jen for all your help.

Mari – Las Vegas, NV – February 2019

I had an amazing opportunity of meeting Jen.  I got to try on the prettiest crystals and see which ones I was drawn to visually, physically and spiritually.  After I picked out the ones I wanted she made them into bracelets.  She added charms of inspiring messages I chose.  Then Jen cleansed and smudged me and my jewelz.  It was so much fun.  Thank you Jen!!

UPDATE:  I am one of your happy grateful customers.  I love my bracelets and wear them every day.  I feel like Wonder Woman!

Shari – Parsippany, NJ – January 2019

Amazing to meet you Jen!  Thank you for sharing and having us today.  I loved my bracelets and our visit!

Dayna – Upper Saddle River, NJ – December 2018

Jen has always been so kind and gracious to me and her jewelry is such a blessing. A few years ago, I contacted her when my young nephew was diagnosed with cancer. She created the Cancer Support bracelet after talking to me and taking the time to learn more about him. About six months after his recovery, the bracelet fell off his wrist while swimming in the ocean. He was devastated but we quickly determined that this was the Universe speaking directly to him. The bracelet had provided him with strength and hope during difficult moments. It was now time to let go and move forward. We consider losing that bracelet very symbolic and I will always be grateful for Jen’s help and guidance.

LJ – Henderson, NV – November, 2018

I cannot say enough good things about Zen Jewelz! This company is such a pleasure to work with and the products are stunning and very well made. I have ordered several bracelets for myself and others. Each one is so unique and precious. I am proud to give them. The owner and her team are excellent at customer service too. They really care and it shines through their product and service. If you are looking for a unique gift or a soul satisfying self indulgence, I invite you to check out her product. You will not be disappointed! Thank you Zen Jewelz!

Stephanie – Chicago, IL – November 2018