(testimonial provided before client received them – photo provided after!)
OMG, they’re really gorgeous!!!
Jen, I can feel my wrist vibrating now in anticipation of wearing them. WOW.

Roberta – Montvale, NJ – July 2019

Last week I purchased and received the Menopause bracelet and I really like it.  It has worked at alleviating many of the symptoms I was experiencing with menopause (even though I don’t know where I am in the process).  It is very lovely looking and very effective so thank you!

Francesca – Utica, NY – June 2019

I had an amazing day at work pulling myself through  some really tough obstacles.  I honestly believe my Lepidolite and the pieces Jen and I worked together on today, which have not even arrived yet, are helping!  I was really called to those bracelets and the charms and the fact that Jen reached out and helped me with my purchase and smudged them for me were a supporting piece in the ceremony for them to become mine and the properties of each of them are already with me and helping me.

Ann – San Diego, CA – June 2019

I just added to my bracelet collection today!
I have many crystal jewelry pieces I can choose from and my zen jewelz bracelets are my daily go to pieces, because they “ sing my song” and I can feel it.
The stone selection and bracelet creating process with Jen is fun and inspiring.
The quality, service, wisdom and value Jen provides is truly outstanding.

Karen – Clifton, NJ – May 2019

Coming to ZenJen is truly a state of Nirvana, there is no other place on earth that compares to how beautiful this sacred space makes you feel.  Every time I visit ZenJen’s, I truly experience the most ultimate state of bliss.  ZenJen is like no other and truly one of my most favorite experiences I’ve ever had in my life!

Kyra – Lake Hapatcong, NJ – May 2019

Wonderful healing experience in a calm environment.  Christopher, the Gong Immersion Specialist and Spirit Guide was incredible.  Jen and Tony were welcoming and their energy, zen.  I will be back to for future events and healing sessions.

Melissa – Wayne, NJ – May 2019

zen jewelz has changed my outlook on many things in my life.  I’ve learned not to hold on to things or let things bother me.  Every time that I come here I feel a sense of relief and joy.  A place I can come to feel relaxed and revived!  I enjoy all of the sacred events.

Samantha – Wayne, NJ – May 2019

I am so impressed with Jen’s jewelry! My healing bracelets are absolutely beautiful and incredibly well made. Jen is so knowledgeable in her craft, she is super helpful with questions and custom orders, and her quality of work is outstanding!!!

Katie – Walden, NY – April 2019