zen jewelz is addicting!!! I ordered 2 bracelets initially and loved them. Then I found I needed more to suit my different moods, varying emotional needs and as a way to feel I have some control over what would inevitably be a stressful work day.  When starting my day, I select the bundle that best addresses my needs and mood for that day and what I expect it to bring. When I travel, I have a specific bracelet bundle I NEED to have with me. (I can’t fly without my Angelite and Lapis!) On days with important meetings, I need my Jasper, Tourmaline and Quartz. Date nights with my husband I need my rose and cherry Quartz bundle! I am constantly checking the website for what’s new to add to my collection because I always want more and they make great gifts too!! My friends share my fascination with zen jewelz and I’m happy to introduce them to Jen and her amazing crystals.

Mindy – Andover, NJ – December 2020

ZenJen does it all. The moment you walk in, there’s a sense of calm and peace. Aromatherapy in use, light music in the background. I went for a sacred bracelet making session (pre-covid) that included smudging and reading. She has a keen sense of intuition and her personal readings are special and spot on. Her jewelry is beautiful and high quality. Great for those needing guidance or just for a different girls night out activity. She is also super quick to respond through Facebook or email! Couldn’t recommend enough!

Brianna – Succasunna, NJ – November 2020

I love my bracelet!  Thank you so much — I’m very pleased with your entire sales process.

Linda – Wayne, PA – October 2020

Working with Jen was so easy and helpful.  She responded right away, worked with me personally, and was able to intuit exactly what I needed. Highly recommend!

Elisa – Franklin Lakes, NJ – October 2020

I have had a challenging journey to motherhood.  After multiple miscarriages I was discouraged and heartbroken.  I purchased the fertility bracelet and began working with Jen to add other bracelets.  I truly believe that the bracelets helped me in having a successful pregnancy.  My son is now 2 1/2 years old.  Recently, one of my girlfriends had a miscarriage and was having difficulty getting pregnant again.  I gave her my fertility bracelet.  She is now 3 months pregnant.  Thank you Jen.  You truly have a gift.

RK – Bellingham, WA – September 2020

I absolutely love Jen and zen jewelz! I have jewelry and decorative stones and I love the good energy that stems from them and Jen herself! Go visit!

Jennifer – West Orange, NJ – September 2020

I had such a great experience at zen jewelz.  Jen is very warm, welcoming and knowledgable!  There is an incredible selection of crystals and she helped me choose the ones that work best for me.  I absolutely love my bracelets!

Zach – Vernon, NJ – September 2020

I ordered the teeny tiny necklace from ZenJen and I thought I was selected the OM charm. But I mistakenly chose the Buddha… glad I did!  Great quality, looks amazing and I have gotten so many compliments that I just ordered another with the OM charm!  Great customer service, knowledgable of her products, overall awesome experience!!

Heidi – Alexandria, VA – August 2020