I received my bracelets yesterday and as ALWAYS they are fabulous! I’m so excited. I just started playing with them and the others and could feel the difference in the different energy combinations. Thank you Thank you for helping me through my life’s journey. It makes such a difference physically and mentally when wearing my zen jewelz!  I would like to start researching stones for my next custom bracelet, the one with all the luck symbols. Can you give me a list of stones to look at.

Tina – Verona, PA – February 2018

I wanted to reach out to say how blessed I feel to have been drawn to Jen’s website and ultimately calling and speaking with her and deciding on a custom bracelet! I feel she has a true God given gift in just the short conversation we had I could feel her guidance by whatever energies she was feeling from me and I felt a sense of relief during this chat and am looking forward to the positive that my new bracelet will bring to me! Thanks for being an eternal part of my life ZenJen, many blessings!

Dayna – Miami, Florida – January 2018

Frenchies are a fun loving and kooky breed but our Winnie is a wild child! I chose Howlite to give her some calming energy when needed. ZenJen is a master! She is very in-tune with your energy and knows what you are in need of. Every experience with her is enlightening and helpful to your inner self. I always leave ZenJen with a happy heart and soul!

Louise – Wayne, NJ – January 2018

I have such gratitude to Jen. I was searching for a medicine stone to support me through my current life challenges which have echoes with my past. I felt lost in my choice. In a simple phone conversation with Jen, I experienced the breadth of her knowledge and the depth of her intuition.
Jen is a healer at work among us. I earnestly encourage any seeker to trust the work that you find offered through her webstore. Her jewelry is the manifestation of a truly embodied wisdom.
Thank you.

Heather – Palo Alto, Ca – December 2017

My Christmas present to myself. Out of all of her beautiful bracelets, I kept coming back to these three. Jen, thank you for all of your time and help creating these for me. 🙏🏼💙 To all of my friends who always ask where I get my bracelets from – check out @zenjewelz. I have been a happy customer for years!

Rebecca – Eerie, PA – December 2017

When you come from a family of Rock Hounds, you truly appreciate the treasures that come from this Earth. You come to love their energy, beauty & healing properties. When I found ZenJen, I felt at home immediately. Jen loves gemstones & crystals like I do…plus she has such expertise, amazing talents, kindness, and professionalism. It’s a really good day!

Damaris – Amarillo, TX – November 2017

I want to thank the whole zen jewelz family. I’ve received my order today, it was a day early nicely packaged and beautiful quality work!!
Please help in my gem activation if you could have a thought send love to all the wonderful beautiful gifts you and the whole family at Zen create. To help grow the love isn’t a job at all.  Every one of you are artist of good vibes.
Thank you again it was a wonderful experience!

Matt – Needville, TX – October 2017

Hi ZenJen,
Thank you for the beautiful bracelets. I wanted to share this photo 🙂
They meant so much to all of us. After we renewed our vows, these made the day even more special. And we get to wear them as we remember that day❤️❤️ we love them. Thank you for taking the time to make your works of art very meaningful.  You’ve done this many times for me and for many gifts I’ve given.
Sending lots of love,

Daniela – Livingston, NJ – September 2017