Hi Jen,
Thank you for the beautiful bracelets, my wife and I both love them very much…your words and healing ways had a profound effect on me.  I thank you so much for your kindness and prayers …it left an everlasting impression on me!

John – Highland Lakes, NJ – October 2019

I was just faced with, and went through a very difficult surgery…thankfully with the BEST possible outcome!  Every one of these bracelets helped me through this journey!  I am grateful to have ZenJen as my friend and I wear my crystals every day to give me the balance and energy I need.

Elissa – Montville, NJ – September 2019

I received my package and I was extremely impressed with the presentation. Lots of love went into this bracelet and I greatly appreciate it.

Debbie – St. John, VI – August 2019

Thank you so much for taking care of me especially with my sons wedding coming up so I could wear them. It was so kind of you to get this done for me in such a timely manner! Means more than you know. All 3 bracelets fit perfect and are gorgeous!! I’m thrilled!

Donna – Wayne, NJ – August 2019

The quality, fit, and feel behind each this is amazing. I love the meaning behind each one I have purchased and the feeling I have when wearing them.  I bought 5 within a 2 week period because after wearing my first two I kept looking into the different jewels and was so intrigued and impressed. The rhodonite meaning and feeling is my favorite one I own so far.

Jordan – Morristown, NJ – August 2019

Thank you so much! Meditation session was fantastic this morning, and by the end of the night last night I was finally seeing auras again, something I hadn’t been in touch with for a long time. This morning was such a high vibration the animals came in and laid down while I was chanting/meditating (and they usually always interrupt me) but this morning they were so calm, just had to share! thanks again Jen! I’ll be seeing you soon! PS I never want to take off my bracelets ❤❤❤

Kasey – Stockholm, NJ – July 2019

(testimonial provided before client received them – photo provided after!)
OMG, they’re really gorgeous!!!
Jen, I can feel my wrist vibrating now in anticipation of wearing them. WOW.

Roberta – Montvale, NJ – July 2019

Last week I purchased and received the Menopause bracelet and I really like it.  It has worked at alleviating many of the symptoms I was experiencing with menopause (even though I don’t know where I am in the process).  It is very lovely looking and very effective so thank you!

Francesca – Utica, NY – June 2019