Jen, I read your bio.  Related to your early path.  I went to school and I do occupational therapy with children.  It’s awesome but I suppressed my creative, psychic self.  I’ve been living in my head for nearly 30 years.  Discovering your website has really opened me up to explore and experience life on a creative, intuitive and healing level.  You are indirectly and directly helping me to find and rediscover my passions and I bless you and can’t thank you enough.

Pam – Gilbert, AZ – June 2018

Thanks Jen for the fantastic experience- I’m sure twelve will be a birthday Allie will always remember!

Susan – Clifton, NJ – May 2018

Zen Jewelz, by ZenJen is simply phenomenal. I am proud to say that I have been a client of Zen Jewelz, by ZenJen for more than three years. The items I purchased were not only of superior quality, but continue to be instrumental in my daily life. I have always received outstanding customer service and personal attention when ordering from Jen. It is important to note that when I made my various selections I was purposeful and utilized the information provided via the website ensure the appropriate selections. Yes I said selections!!! I am proud to say that I have quite a few of these precious bracelets. As a direct result of these purchases my life has changed. A change that has allowed me to follow my spirit’s path, listen to my own spirit guides & angels, and be ground in my own truth. I will forever be a client of Jen’s. I strongly recommend that you DO NOT hesitate purchasing any item(s) from Jen. This review is one hundred percent unsolicited, unsponsored, and provided purely out of my sincere respect, love, and appreciation for the wonderful young woman Zen Jen.

T. Mathis Beckhom – Lithonia, GA – May 2018

Custom Order PTSD Bracelet by ZenJen

Thank you so much for the absolutely gorgeous bracelet.  It was very much loved.  Your bracelet gave me chills and brought me tears to my eyes.

Marianna – Bronx, NY – April 2018

Thank you so much Jen!  I feel so good, you are so talented and I’m extremely grateful to have met you!  Looking forward to adding some grounding stones to my collection in the near future!

Erika from Adorn Market – Bernardsville, NJ – March 2018

I received my bracelets yesterday and as ALWAYS they are fabulous! I’m so excited. I just started playing with them and the others and could feel the difference in the different energy combinations. Thank you Thank you for helping me through my life’s journey. It makes such a difference physically and mentally when wearing my zen jewelz!  I would like to start researching stones for my next custom bracelet, the one with all the luck symbols. Can you give me a list of stones to look at.

Tina – Verona, PA – February 2018

I wanted to reach out to say how blessed I feel to have been drawn to Jen’s website and ultimately calling and speaking with her and deciding on a custom bracelet! I feel she has a true God given gift in just the short conversation we had I could feel her guidance by whatever energies she was feeling from me and I felt a sense of relief during this chat and am looking forward to the positive that my new bracelet will bring to me! Thanks for being an eternal part of my life ZenJen, many blessings!

Dayna – Miami, Florida – January 2018

Frenchies are a fun loving and kooky breed but our Winnie is a wild child! I chose Howlite to give her some calming energy when needed. ZenJen is a master! She is very in-tune with your energy and knows what you are in need of. Every experience with her is enlightening and helpful to your inner self. I always leave ZenJen with a happy heart and soul!

Louise – Wayne, NJ – January 2018