Healing Properties of Crystal Jewelry and Gemstone Meanings

zen jewelz by: ZenJen utilizes a variety of crystals to create stunning jewelry that heals the body, mind and soul. Here are just some of the most popular gemstones used in our handcrafted healing crystal jewelry.

Turquoise Crystal Jewelry Meaning

Many ancient civilizations revered Turquoise, including Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Incas, Persians, Aztecs and Native North Americans. This blue-green natural gemstone is a symbol of nobility, peace, wisdom and strength, and it brings inner calm, stabilizes mood swings, protects against negative energy, reconciles hostile forces, and dispels self-sabotaging thoughts. Turquoise spiritual jewelry is also commonly used to ease fears and nervousness, especially during public speaking.

How to Use Turquoise for Healing

One of the most efficient healing stones, Turquoise crystal jewelry has many rejuvenating properties. It has anti-inflammatory characteristics along with a detoxifying effect on those who wear it. Turquoise is also used to restore tissue, heal viral infections, cataracts, gout, and pain.

More about Turquoise

Geographic Origins: Primarily Iran and the Southwestern United States, but is found around the world.
Birthstone: December
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius
Chakra Alignment: Throat chakra, heart chakra, and third eye chakra
Element: Earth, air, fire
Origin of Name and Mythology: The name turquoise comes from the French words Pierre turquoise, which means “Turkish stone.” The stone was first brought to Europe from Central Asia via Turkey.
Other Names: Aztec Stone, the Stone of the Sky

Moonstone Crystal Jewelry Meaning

Moonstone’s reflective surface reminds wearers that, just like the moon wanes and waxes, life moves in cycles as everything changes continuously. Also known as the “Stone of New Beginnings,” Moonstone promotes deep emotional healing. Moonstone crystal jewelry can suppress overreactions to emotional triggers, and is useful in promoting empathy and emotional intuition. It stabilizes emotions and soothes stress in both men and women, as there is a passive and receptive female energy found within the stone.

How to Use Moonstone for Healing

Wear moonstone to help with digestive tract issues associated with emotional stress, such as inflammatory bowel disease and stomach ulcers. Because of the female energy found within moonstone, it has a strong effect on the female reproductive system, alleviating menstrual-related tension, cramps, and other issues.

More about Moonstone

Geographic Origins: Madagascar, India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, United States
Birthstone: June
Zodiac: Scorpio, Cancer, Libra
Chakra Alignment: Third eye chakra and navel chakra
Element: Water
Origin of Name and Mythology: Moonstone gets its name from its pearly texture and appearance, which is reminiscent of the Moon. Moonstone jewelry was traditionally used to protect travelers, divine prophecies, open a pathway to wisdom, and as a gift of passion. In Indian culture, moonstone is believed to bring the wearer good luck.
Other Names: The Traveler’s Stone


Amethyst Crystal Jewelry Meaning

Long favored by the nobility, Amethyst crystal jewelry is widely used to eliminate rage, fear, anger, and anxiety. “The Protective Stone” supports people in overcoming addictions by enhancing their spiritual awareness, facilitating decision-making, and reducing their tendency to overindulge. In addition, amethyst can improve memory and motivation, comfort those with insomnia by quieting an overactive mind, and help people come to terms with grief.

How to Use Amethyst for Healing

Use amethyst jewelry to relieve tension and headaches or alleviate emotional, physical and psychological stress. Amethyst gemstones cleanse the blood and immune system and can support the curing of cellular disorders, digestive tract issues, respiratory diseases and skin conditions. One of the most common uses for amethyst is promoting restful sleep and improving sleep patterns for those who suffer from insomnia.

More about Amethyst

Geographic Origins: Canada, Mexico, Brazil
Birthstone: February
Zodiac: Pisces, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Virgo, Aquarius
Chakra Alignment: Crown chakra and third eye chakra
Element: Air, water
Origin of Name and Mythology: From the Greek “amethystos,” amethyst means “free from drunkenness.” A Greek myth details the story of a beautiful young maid named Amethyst who summoned protection from the goddess Diana when the wine god, Bacchus, set his tigers upon her. Diana turned the young girl into a white, clear crystal to save her. Because he regretted his cruelty towards the innocent maid, Bacchus spilled his wine on the crystal, giving the stone its beautiful purple color.
Other Names: The Artist Stone, the Composer’s Stone

Aquamarine Crystal Jewelry Meaning

A water element, aquamarine crystal jewelry reduces stress and quiets the mind by calming unrelated thoughts, sharpening intuition, clarifying perception and resolving confusion. The “Stone of Courage” gives wearers the strength to break through patterns of self-defeating thoughts, judgmental impulses, and sidestepping responsibilities. Wearing aquamarine jewelry assists with understanding feelings and acknowledging underlying emotional issues. It can also be used to overcome a fear of public speaking.

How to Use Aquamarine

Aquamarine gemstones have many healing characteristics, including relieving teeth, stomach, jaw and eye issues. Because this natural gemstone stone aligns with the throat chakra, it can also assist in the mediation of sore throats, thyroid problems, and swollen glands. Aquamarine also subdues immune system overreactions and autoimmune diseases.

More about Aquamarine

Geographic Origins: Russia, United States, Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka
Birthstone: March
Zodiac: Pisces, Scorpio, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries
Chakra Alignment: Navel chakra and throat chakra
Element: Water
Origin of Name and Mythology: Its name comes from the Latin aqua marina, which translates literally to “sea water.” Sailors have historically worn aquamarine spiritual jewelry to ward against sea sickness and gain safe passage on the high seas, as it was believed the gemstone was the treasure of mermaids. It is said that the wearer’s mood and weather will dictate the color of the aquamarine jewelry. If a person is sad or has excess negative energy, the stone will become dark; if the wearer is peaceful and calm, the stone will take on a brilliant blue hue.
Other Names: Stone of Courage, the Stone of the Sea

crystal jewelry

Opal Crystal Jewelry Stretch Bracelet

Opal Meaning

The multi-colored, breathtakingly beautiful opal is a karmic stone, showing wearers that what is put out into the Universe is what they will receive. This stunning natural gemstone inspires originality and creativity, as well as the declaration of one’s true self through the exhibition of hidden traits. Opal crystal jewelry is known to increase feelings of desire, eroticism, passion, love and positive emotions. Wearers of opal jewelry may find more faithfulness, loyalty and spontaneity in their lives, along with the realization of their full potential.

How to Use Opal for Healing

Opal is effective for strengthening memory and is especially useful to those who suffer from fevers, infections, and Parkinson’s disease. It has been said to ease childbirth, alleviate PMS symptoms and strengthen a person’s will to live.

More about Opal

Geographic Origins: Australia, Brazil, Guatemala, United States, Mexico, Honduras
Birthstone: October
Zodiac: Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer
Chakra Alignment: All chakras
Element: Water
Origin of Name and Mythology: From the Sanskrit word upala, meaning “precious stone,” opals are highly prized by many civilizations.
Other Names: The Eye Stone

Meaning of Pearls

Though not a gemstone, pearls are nonetheless extremely precious. Wearing pearls can shield you from misfortune, protect your health, beauty and youth, and bring about wisdom, success and happiness. Pearls also bring wearers foresight that can alert them to evil and overly risky business deals. They symbolize innocence, charity, and faith.


How to Use Pearls for Healing

Pearl jewelry has been known to increase sexual energy and sensuality. It has a sedative effect and is beneficial to the liver, urinary system, lungs, heart, and kidneys. Pearls are favorable in treating digestive disorders including bloating and can even increase fertility.

More about Pearls

Geographic Origins: Persian Gulf, United States, Australia, Venezuela, Japan
Birthstone: June
Zodiac: Gemini, Cancer
Chakra Alignment: Third eye chakra
Element: Water
Origin of Name and Mythology: From the Latin word perna, a kind of sea mussel.

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