As a zen jewelz retailer I knew my customers were going to respond well to the line. However, I was not prepared for the immediate and overwhelming sales that occurred. I was soon out of stock and needed to replenish quickly! Customers love the inspirational aspect of the line. Everyone can find a gemstone that has a special meaning for their life and for those of their family and friends. Not only do people love to give the bracelets as a gift but usually pick one up for themselves as well! Customers have become more socially conscience and would rather spend their money with companies that have the same beliefs. With their renewable packaging and donation program zen jewelz is right on target. As retailers we have so many lines available to us. It is so rewarding to find merchandise that is inspirational, beautiful, fun to wear that our customers just love!

Anne Marie – Buyer of fine and fashion jewelry Fortunoff, New York – 2010

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for seeing me today and spending so much time with me. I absolutely LOVE everything and honestly have gotten up so excited everyday just to get dressed to put on my jewelry!! Everyone has been grabbing my wrist saying how beautiful everything is. Just speaking with you and the different points you made, made me realize so much. And to think I came for bracelets and a rosary….it only started there and then you gave some great insight and advice. I was so excited to get smudged!! You really made someone’s day : ) thank you again

Meredith – Paramus, NJ – 2010

When I wear my black diamond Zen Jewelz necklace I instantly get energized for whatever the night has in store, and I get the confidence to accomplish anything.

Steve – NYC – 2011

I received my fertility bracelet as a gift from my sister. We never expected our “Little Miracle” to happen in a matter of weeks with of wearing it. In the end, I had with two gifts – a bracelet and our amazing little boy “Ryan”!”

Carol – 2011