JOHN LEGEND – Vaughn Anthony follows in his brothers footsteps… styled in zen jewelz for his performance

John Legend- Vaughn Anthony follows in his brothers footsteps… styled in zen jewelz for his performance

john legend

Vaughn Anthony- brother of John Legend – Tailored For Men – zen jewelz


ZenJen in the dressing room at SOB’s in NYC styles Vaughn Anthony for his performance.  He seems to be following in his brothers footsteps.  The famous John Legend, is known for his musical talent.

Vaughn sports the zen jewelz one of a kind Hematite mens necklace with fire balls on silk knotted cord.
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Hematite is particularly effective at grounding and protecting. It harmonizes mind, body and spirit. Used during out-of-body journeying, it protects the soul and grounds it back into the body. This stone has a strong yang element and balances the meridians redressing yin imbalances. It dissolves negativity and prevents negative energies from entering the aura, restoring peace and harmony to the body. Hematite is said to be beneficial for legal situations.
Psychologically, Hematite is strong. It supports timid women, boosts self-esteem and survivablility, enhances willpower and reliability, and imparts confidence. This healing crystal removes self-limitations and aids expansion. It is a useful stone for overcoming compulsions and addictions. Hematite brings attention to the unfulfilled desires that are driving life. It treats overeating, smoking and any form of overindulgence, therefore assisting in weight loss and dieting. Hematite helps you to come to terms with mistakes and to accept them as learning experiences rather than disasters.
Mentally, Hematite stimulates concentration and focus. It enhances memory and original thought. It brings the mind’s attention to basic survival needs and helps to sort out problems of all kinds. This is a useful stone for the study of mathematics and technical subjects. It can support ADD and ADHD.

Hematite aids circulatory problems such as Reynaud’s Disease and blood conditions such as anemia. It supports the kidneys in cleansing the blood and it regenerates tissue. Hematite has a powerful connection with blood. It restores, strengthens and regulates the blood supply. It can draw heat from the body. This is an important healing crystal to assist with sobriety and recovery of addictions. Hematite stimulates the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells. It treats leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia and aids spinal alignment and fractures.

john legend

Vaughn Anthony – brother of John Legend – zen jewelz Tailored For Men

zen jewelz has been designing and selling handmade healing crystal jewelry in the USA for the last 10 years.  ZenJen, the founder, owner and designer is a proud graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology and holds GIA certifications in colored stones and diamonds. The company’s core focus is to help manifest the dreams and wellness of the client. Each piece of healing crystal jewelry is specifically created for healing the mind, body and soul, and to assist in balancing the physical and metaphysical energies of the body while setting trends in fashion.  For further information on zen jewelz or our products please visit the company’s website at  We have the largest selection of handmade healing gemstone jewelry on the web!

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Healing crystal jewelry zen jewelz - John Legend

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