Chris Laurita and Albie Manzo show off their new zen jewelz!

zen jewelz press – Albie Manzo & Chris Laurita visit ZenJen

This was a special day in the zen jewelz studio.  Albie Manzo and Chris Laurita from the Real Housewives of NJ commission ZenJen to make them healing bracelets for success and protection.  Albie chose brown Tiger Eye and red Tiger Eye was chosen by Chris.

Albie Manzo & Chris Laurita love their new zen jewelz by: ZenJen

Albie Manzo & Chris Laurita love their new zen jewelz by: ZenJen

zen jewelz has been designing and selling handmade healing crystal jewelry in the USA for the last 10 years.  ZenJen, the founder, owner and designer is a proud graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology and holds GIA certifications in colored stones and diamonds. The company’s core focus is to help manifest the dreams and wellness of the client. Each piece of healing crystal jewelry is specifically created for healing the mind, body and soul, and to assist in balancing the physical and metaphysical energies of the body while setting trends in fashion.  For further information on zen jewelz or our products please visit the company’s website at  We have the largest selection of handmade healing gemstone jewelry on the web!

Feel free to contact me if you would like a custom handmade jewelry piece designed just for you or if you would like a free consultation to learn about which healing crystal can best support you on your journey.

It is always my pleasure to serve you.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    Great shot!! Looking quite manly with their energy bracelets 🙂

  2. Albie looks even cuter with the bracelet! Surprising that he’s girlfriend-less. And Chris looks very handsome. I love his blue eyes. So pretty like his sister, Dina!

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