Natural Ways To Increase Fertility – zen jewelz by: ZenJen


Natural ways to Increase Fertility - FERTILITY BRACELET - zen jewelz by: ZenJen

Natural ways to Increase Fertility – FERTILITY BRACELET – zen jewelz by: ZenJen

As you know, gemstones hold energetic properties individual to each different type of stone.  Some gemstones encourage peace & serenity,  while others may bring strength and balance.  However, there are a few very special stones that are believed to aid in natural ways to increase fertility. Two of these gemstones are Rose quartz and Moonstone as well as some others shown below. Bundle them all to receive maximum therapeutic benefits.

Rose Quartz, a beautiful light pink gemstone, is the most important crystal for opening the heart chakra, healing the emotions with its gentle vibration.  It enhances both kindness and tenderness, while encouraging the wearer to be peaceful, loving and gentle.  Rose Quartz emanates unconditional love, helping to attract a positive, gentle energy into one’s life.  Rose Quartz is highly effecting in drawing love and relationships toward the wearer.  In existing relationships, Rose Quartz restores trust and harmony, strengthening empathy and sensitivity.  As well as enhancing fertility, wearing this gemstone empowers the physical heart and circulatory system.

Moonstone, a milky white iridescent gemstone with gray and black flecks, is a stone of new beginnings.  Moonstone’s most powerful effect is its ability to calm and soothe emotions.  Wearing moonstone provides deep emotional healing, while calming overreactions to situations and other emotional triggers.  Moonstone powerfully attunes the biometric clock, strongly affecting the female reproductive cycle.  Thus, it is excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

ZenJen has combined the powerful effects of these two breathtaking gemstones to create the original zen jewelz Fertility Bracelet (as worn by Jacqueline Laurita on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, given to her as a gift by Dina Manzo).  This fertility bracelet is comprised of Rose Quartz and Moonstone, with a sterling silver hanging Kokopelli charm. (Kokopelli is a Native American fertility deity, often depicted playing the flute.)

Moonstone is a “stone of new beginnings.” As its name suggests, it is strongly connected to the moon and to the intuition. Like the moon, the gemstone is reflective and reminds us that, as the moon waxes and wanes, so everything is part of a cycle of change. Its most powerful effect is that of calming emotions. Moonstone makes conscious the unconscious and promotes intuition and empathy. It encourages lucid dreaming, especially at the time of the full moon. Moonstone has traditionally been used to enhance psychic abilities and to develop clairvoyance.
Psychologically, Moonstone calms overreactions to situations and to emotional triggers. Moonstone is filled with receptive, passive, feminine energy. It balances male-female energies and aids men who want to get in touch with their feminine side. It is the perfect antidote for the excessively macho man or overly aggressive female. Mentally, Moonstone opens the mind to sudden and irrational impulses, serendipity, and synchronicity. Care has to be taken that it does not induce illusions in response to wishful thinking.
Emotionally, Moonstone soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions. It improves emotional intelligence. Placed on the solar plexus (chakra 3 – Manipura), it draws out old emotional patterning so that it can be understood and then dissolved. Moonstone provides deep emotional healing and heals disorders of the upper digestive tract that are related to emotional stress. Add a little joy to your life with our handmade Moonstone bracelet!


Moonstone powerfully affects the female reproductive cycle and has been used to alleviate menstrual-releated disease and tension. It is linked to the pineal gland and can balance the hormonal system, stabilize fluid imbalances and attune the biorhythmic clock. It is helpful in cases of shock and can be used to calm hyperactive children. (ADD and ADHD)
Helps the digestive and reproductive systems. It is said to assimilate nutrients, eliminate toxins, fluid retention and alleviate degenerative conditions of skin, hair, eyes and fleshy organs such as the liver and pancreas. Excellent for PMS, balancing hormones, conception (fertility), pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Natural Ways To Increase Fertility - Red Coral Healing Bracelet - zen jewelz by: ZenJen

Natural Ways To Increase Fertility – Red Coral Healing Bracelet – zen jewelz by: ZenJen

In addition to Rose Quartz and Moonstone, wearing Coral is believed to encourage fertility in both genders.  Females looking to conceive are encouraged to wear Red Coral, whereas men looking to increase fertility are encouraged to wear Black Coral.

Coral is of organic origin. This healing crystal can be used to reconnect with nature. Coral attracts love and prosperity, particularly red coral, which is a stone of passion. Creativity and optimism are also qualities of this stone. Emotionally, coral brings strength and understanding of purpose. Coral represents diplomacy. It quiets the emotions and can bring peace to within the self. Facilitates intuition, imagination and visualization. Coral expedites and accelerates the transfer of knowledge as it stimulates the energetic pursuit of pre-determined goals. It protects from depression and despondency.
Coral is considered magical in the realm of crystals and gemstones. Underwater, it is frequently visited by the mermaid. It is a traditional gift for the expectant mother or newborn as a protective amulet. Coral comes from the sea and is associated with emotional healing because of its watery home. Wear our Coral bracelet to help attract the love, peace and healing you deserve!


Coral has been used to treat hiccups, colic and heartburn. It can aid in the release of impurities from the muscular system. Coral can also be helpful in treating disorders of the kidneys, bladder and parathyroid. It can help to strengthen the circulatory system, regenerate tissue and treat calcium deficiencies as well as dysfunctions in the spinal canal and nervous system. It is said to be helpful with broken bones and enhancing the assimilation of vitamins A and D. Coral has also been used to protect the muscular system from atrophy. *Red Coral aids conception. *Black Coral aids male fertility.

Dina Manzo gifted Jacqueline Laurita of The Real Housewives of New Jersey a zen zewelz By: ZenJen original fertility bracelet. Watch the video below to see what Jacqueline said! “Last year, Dina got a fertility bracelet for me, and I did get pregnant.. So maybe they have some kind of special power.”

Gemstones are not scientifically proven to guarantee increased fertility or conception, but we’ve had our share of success stories.  We’d like you to be our next one!


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