Natural Ways To Increase Fertility – zen jewelz by: ZenJen

FERTILITY BRACELET NATURAL WAYS TO INCREASE FERTILITY! WE HAVE WITNESSED MANY MIRACLES. WE HOPE THAT YOU CAN BE ONE TOO! As you know, gemstones hold energetic properties individual to each different type of stone.  Some gemstones encourage peace & serenity,  while others may bring strength and balance.  However, there are a few very special stones […]

Fertility Bracelet Success Story! – The Original Fertility Bracelet – zen jewelz by: ZenJen

OUR FERTILITY BRACELET SUCCESS -NATURAL WAYS TO CONCEIVE- As Jacqueline reports: “Dina gave me a fertility bracelet and I got pregnant! Must have some special powers!” Kelly told us how she feels about zen jewelz, ZenJen, and her fertility bracelet success. “I’m writing with an update! The fertility bracelet that I purchased from you back in June […]

Smudging With Sage – ZenJen

The power of smudging…
People who have their space or items smudged have reported instant effects ranging from increased happiness, increased feeling of peace, greater success, some even claim their homes had a negative feeling that was banished after smudging…