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Rutilated Quartz Bracelet adorned with a sterling silver believe charm

Rutilated Quartz Bracelet – zen jewelz


The sizzling power of the threads of rutile will bring through intense energy, and combined with the quartz create an amazing vibration.  This combo may stimulate your spiritual creativity, and your ability to manifest what you desire in your life, through the power of intention.  These stones are powerful amplifiers of your thoughts, allowing you to make contact with the Divine mind and receive Divine inspiration, and this has the potential to activate your creativity.

Emotionally, rutilated quartz is said to be very helpful in uncovering the causes of mental issues and hang-ups. It helps to diminish fears and is excellent at assisting with decision-making processes. It is said that it can also ease loneliness and relieve guilt thereby bringing happiness. It is used metaphysically to help one get out of a rut with their life as well as for stabilizing emotional and mental processes, clarifying thought patterns and emotional reactions. Rutilated quartz is also said to increase one’s self-reliance and ability to find one’s own way.

Our Rutilated Quartz bracelet is an effective integrator of energy at any level. It heightens the energetic impulse of Quartz and is a very efficient vibrational healer. Spiritually, Rutilated Quartz is said to have the perfect balance of cosmic light and to be an illuminator of the soul, promoting spiritual growth. It cleanses and energizes the aura. This crystal aids astral travel, scrying and channeling. It facilitates contact with the highest spiritual guidance. It draws off negative energy and breaks down the barriers to spiritual progress, letting go of the past. Rutilated Quartz is helpful for therapists and counselors as it filters negative energy from a client, and at the same time supports their energy field during emotional release and confrontation with the darker aspects of the psyche. It gives protection against psychic attack. Rutilated Quartz can be used in past-life healing to draw off disease from the past and to promote insights into the events in past lives that affect the present. It assists in moving to a core life to access causes and to understand the results of previous actions. It connects to soul lessons and the plan for the present life.
Psychologically, this important healing crystal reaches the root of problems and facilitates transitions and a change of direction. Wearing a Rutilated Quartz bracelet can help to soothe dark moods and act as an antidepressant. It relieves fears, phobias, and anxiety, releasing constrictions and countering self-hatred. This crystal promotes forgiveness at all levels. Rutilated Quartz opens the aura to allow healing.

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Where is it found?

This type of quartz is found in a large number of locations throughout the world, although most of the Rutilated Quartz available comes from Madagascar or Brazil.  Rutilated Quartz is a variety of quartz, with inclusions of Rutile within its being.

Rutilated Quartz natural rock specimen - rutilated quartz bracelet

Rutilated Quartz
Assists in Letting Go

Physical Healing Properties – Rutilated Quartz Bracelet

At a physical level, Rutilated Quartz has been known to absorb mercury poisoning from nerves, muscles, blood and the intestinal tract. It has a vitality that is helpful for chronic conditions and for impotence and infertility. It is excellent for exhaustion and energy depletion. This crystal is said to treat the respiratory tract and bronchitis. It can stimulate and balance the thyroid and repel parasites. It has also been known to stimulate growth and regeneration in cells and repair torn tissue as well as encourage an upright position.

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zen jewelz has been designing and selling handmade healing crystal jewelry in the USA for the last 10 years.  ZenJen, the founder, owner and designer is a proud graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology and holds GIA certifications in colored stones and diamonds. The company’s core focus is to help manifest the dreams and wellness of the client. Each piece of healing crystal jewelry is specifically created for healing the mind, body and soul, and to assist in balancing the physical and metaphysical energies of the body while setting trends in fashion.  For further information on zen jewelz or our products please visit the company’s website at  We have the largest selection of handmade healing gemstone jewelry on the web!

Feel free to contact me if you would like a custom handmade jewelry piece designed just for you or if you would like a free consultation to learn about which healing crystal can best support you on your journey.  READ OUR TESTIMONIALS HERE!

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Healing crystal jewelry zen jewelz - rutilated quartz bracelet

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